I have always admired Madiba, and im always so close to tears whenever i watch him on TV. Many have seen him as a hero with a few critics that have come and gone. My dream is to meet him someday. And someday i shall.

Stones into Schools

Promoting Peace with Education in Afghanistan and Pakistan

In his latest book, Greg Mortenson hosts the reader as a valuable and welcomed traveling companion as he retraces his steps through the most remote areas of Pakistan's Northwest Frontier areas and the formidable terrain of Afghanistan holding a mirror to our humanity. Mortenson introduces us to his trusted companions t...urned employees of Central Asia Institute, the so-called "Dirty Dozen", who truly embody the virtues of goodwill and perseverance in the name of literacy and, of course, God.

In short, Greg Mortenson's work makes Anthony Bordain's exotic travel look like a visit to Epcot Center.

Mortenson's committment to cross-cultural understanding beyond the borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan is rivaled only by his determination to educate the under-served girls in the most remote areas of these countries. Stones Into Schools is a suspenseful, heart-breaking as it is heart-warming, true account of a life well lived and a people well-served. Mortenson is an honor to the human race and diplomat for world peace. About now, Greg Mortenson would do well to take his own advice and sit for a month under a walnut tree to recuperate.

Mad As Hell: How the Tea Party Movement Is Fundamentally Remaking Our Two-Party System

Today's raucous revolt against Washington and Wall Street is a classic populist uprising. In Mad As Hell, two respected political pollsters show what it means for the future of American politics.

The riotous tea parties and angry town hall meetings of last summer seemingly took everyone by surprise. They shouldn’t have: populist movements have always arisen in times of economic hardship and uncertainty. In Mad As Hell, pollsters Scott Rasmussen and Doug Schoen use extensive and original research to explore the mind and heart of the populist uprising that has suddenly thrown American politics into turmoil.

In the past, populist movements have taken root either on the right or on the left. Today’s populist revolt is unusually broad and has two wings: a left wing that wants universal health care and redistributive economic policies, and a right wing that wants to reduce the power of government to interfere in our lives. Both are hostile to the Washington political class, Wall Street, and the mainstream media—all of which they consider out of touch with the concerns of “real” Americans. The key difference is that left populists are effectively represented by Barack Obama and congressional Democrats who are pursuing their agenda, while right populists are chiefly represented by Fox News and Rush Limbaugh— an angrier and potentially more powerful political force.

So-called professionals in politics, business, and media have completely failed to comprehend the new populism and have dismissed it as marginal and extreme. The authors explore the broad-based nature of the new populist movement and explain how it is reshaping American politics—whether politicians and elite journalists like it or not.

The Tea Party movement is not a flash in the pan,as many have assumed. Nor is it a movement of racist rednecks and ignorant boobs, as its detractors have crudely suggested. To the contrary, it is an authentic grassroots movement of concerned American citizens demanding to be heard by an out-of-touch political establishment. Their concerns are real and their issues are legitimate, the authors maintain; moreover, the new populism is here to stay, and it has already changed our politics for the better.

In Mad As Hell, Rasmussen and Schoen have produced an authoritative guide to the new populism, featuring a combination of proprietary polling data, political analysis, results from online focus groups,and interviews with on-the-ground players. It is must-reading for anyone interested in American electoral politics for the remainder of the decade.

A must Read....

All hail President Mugabe

Who is he?:
President of Zimbabwe since 1980, he attained his job after leading bloody guerrilla warfare against the white colonial rulers of what was then Rhodesia.
Feb. 21, 1924, near Kutama, northeast of Salisbury (now Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe), in what was then Rhodesia. Mugabe quipped in 2005 that he would remain president until he was "a century old."
Personal life:
Mugabe was married to Ghanian national Sally Hayfron, a teacher and political activist, in 1961. They had one son, Nhamodzenyika, who died during childhood. She died of kidney failure in 1992. In 1996, Mugabe married his onetime secretary, Grace Marufu, who is more than four decades younger than Mugabe, and with whom he had two children while his wife Sally's health was failing. Mugabe and Grace have three children: Bona, Robert Peter Jr., and Bellarmine Chatunga.
Political affiliation:
Mugabe leads the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front, a socialist party founded in 1987. Mugabe and his party are also heavily nationalist with left-wing ideology, favoring land seizures from white Zimbabweans while claiming that doing so counters the nation's imperialist past.
Mugabe holds seven degrees from South Africa's Fort Hare University. In 1963 he was secretary general of the Maoist Zimbabwe African National Union. In 1964, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison for "subversive speech" against the Rhodesian government. Once released, he fled to Mozambique to launch a guerrilla war for independence. He returned to Rhodesia 1979 and became prime minister in 1980; the next month, the newly independent country was renamed Zimbabwe. Mugabe assumed the presidency in 1987, with the prime minister role being abolished. Under his rule, annual inflation has soared to 100,000%.
Mugabe has faced probably the strongest, most organized opposition in the Movement for Democratic Change. He accuses the MDC of being Western-backed, using this as an excuse to persecute MDC members and order arbitrary arrest of and violence against supporters. Instead of striking terror into the citizenry, this could further galvanize opposition against his iron-fisted rule. Action from neighboring South Africa, deluged by Zimbabwean refugees, or world bodies could also pressure Mugabe, who relies on the "war veterans" militia to help him keep his grip on power.
"Our party must continue to strike fear in the heart of the white man, our real enemy!" -- Mugabe in the Irish Times, Dec
. 15, 2000

Hugo Chavez strikes again, but not as quite

Voters in Venezuela have stopped President Hugo Chavez from obtaining the two-thirds majority the Socialist leader said he needed in the National Assembly to effortlessly pass what he calls critical reforms.Chavez's United Socialist Party on Sunday won at least 94 of 165 seats, while his most ardent foes took 60. The rest of the votes had either not been determined or went to another small party.

Several of Chavez's most determined adversaries, some of whom had pushed for a boycott of the last congressional elections in 2005, said the results showed that Venezuelans opposed the president's plans to radicalize his self-styled revolution.

"Here it is very clear: Venezuela said no to Cuban-style communism, Venezuela said yes to the path of democracy," she said after the results were released. "We now have the legitimacy of the citizen vote. We are the representatives of the people."

I so love VB's style. I loved the sleeveless Goat she had on and the hermes bag was a bonus....
I got myself a sleeveless yellow dress and of course my Hermes.

Goodbye Louis Vuitton Hello Hermes

I got my first Hermes handbag in New York as a gift, i so love ittttttt. If they can own one, then why cant I?
All hail to Hermes

Military Jacket and Naples jacket

My two must haves for my weekend in Italy. Looking forward to my Four days of winter before i come back to this heat.
Placing my order......

Gifts from Africa

Two necklaces i got as gifts, i might as well get myself a few at a cost though.
I love African jewellery and i collect alot of them too. Discovering my roots through artistry. A proud Africano without a mother tongue ;p

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque

This Mask helps dry up Acne Pimples, Reduces Blackheads and Shrinks Pores. As the mask hardens, it draws out impurities from the pores. After washing it off your skin will feel minty fresh, clear and smooth.
Trust me, i have used it and i love it!!!.....

Is this really Beyonce's Real hair????....

my theory for the day....

"The sun shines for you, and for every individual as well, what makes it different is that the sun takes her time to shine at you".


Working on a topic that i will soon share with my pearls.
Main characters are USA, Africa and Asia...

Smile, wave, wish them well and move on.

This is a little something i found thought i would share.....

His advice? "Don't take it personally. Just smile, wave, wish them
well, and move on
. Don't pick up the garbage others are trying to get
rid of. If you do, you'll take it with you and will end up dumping it
on people around you, at work, at home, or on the streets."
If you want to be happy, do not let garbage trucks - your own or other
people's - overtake your day. Let go of anything that's not positive.
Life is ten percent what you make it and ninety percent how you take
Love the people who treat you right. Ignore the ones who don't.

This was something i read recently and wondered what this person was thinking, i hope you will wonder too with me so that we all wonder together. heeheeheehee.....
I love the Kadashians and im obsessed with the two shows though im more of a fan of "Khortney and Khloe take miami". And yes Khloe is my favorite.