Libyan regime says Gadhafi son killed in NATO airstrike; threat issued

The Libyan government promised death to "invaders" in the country after saying one of ruler Moammar Gadhafi's sons -- Saif al-Arab Gadhafi -- was killed in a NATO airstrike.

Moammar Gadhafi and his wife were in their son's house when it was targeted, spokesman Musa Ibrahim told journalists Sunday. Both of them were in good health, according to the spokesman.

Saif al-Arab Gadhafi is one of two Gadhafi sons whose names begin with Saif. The other is Saif al-Islam Gadhafi, who had previously touted reform but has emerged as one of his father's most visible defenders in recent months.

Ibrahim said three of Moammar Gadhafi's grandchildren also died in the attack.

Ibrahim railed against NATO after the strike, calling it an illegal act and a "war crime." ****

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Gadhafi son dies

Mugabe arrives in Rome for papal beatification

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has arrived in Rome, sidestepping a European Union travel ban because he is headed for Pope John Paul II's beatification, being held Sunday in Vatican City.

Mugabe's government is accused of rights violations. In 2005, he was heavily criticized for attending the pope's funeral in St. Peter's Square. The EU ban doesn't apply to the Vatican.

On that occasion, Britain's Prince Charles shook Mugabe's hand, but later said he was caught by surprise when the African leader leaned over to offer his hand.

Mugabe's flight arrived Saturday at Leonardo da Vinci airport, where he then passed through the VIP lounge. Since the funeral, he has been in Rome in 2008 and 2009 for U.N. food summits.

President Mugabe in Rome 2011

The Many Benefits Of Indoor Cycling/Spinning

Physical benefits of indoor cycling

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends 3 to 5 days of cardio per week, for 30 to 60 minutes each time; this frequency and length of aerobic exercise has been shown to provide maximal benefits to the body including:

Weight loss

Increased energy levels

Stronger heart and lungs

Decreased risk for heart disease

Increased bone density

Better sleep

Improved cholesterol and triglyceride levels

Getting the most from your indoor cycling workouts

To reap the most benefits of indoor cycling possible, you need to be sure that you are exercising in the right “zone.” This is determined by measuring how hard your body is working at any given point during your workout, and can be done by two methods:

Heart Rate. To find the correct zone using your heart rate, take the number 220 and subtract your age; multiply this number by 70% -- this number is your targeted zone to gain the maximum benefit from your workout. To see where your heart rate is during a workout, simply find your pulse and count for six seconds, and then add a zero. (Or, to take the math out of it, purchase a heart rate monitor that will tell you your heart rate at a glance.)

The Talk Test. This is the simplest way to determine how hard you are working. During your workout, say a full sentence. If you can’t finish your sentence, you are probably exercising too hard; on the contrary, if the full sentence is very easy to say and you are not winded at all, you should pick up the pace for more calorie burn and benefits!

Mental & emotional benefits of indoor cycling

The benefits of indoor cycling are not limited to physical aspects; cycling bike workouts can do wonders for your mind, as well:

Relief from stress and anxiety

Eases symptoms of depression

Increased confidence about appearance

Improved ability to visualize and focus on a goal

How to Make Your Body Burn More Calories

You burn calories to provide energy for three main functions:

1) Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
This is the amount of calories you burn just by being alive – even when you are lying down, doing nothing. BMR accounts for approximately 60% of the calories burned for an average person.

2) Burning Calories for Activity
This is the energy used during movement – from lifting your arm to operate the remote control to cleaning the windows. This accounts for approximately 30% of the calories burned by an average person.

3) Dietary Thermogenesis
The ‘thermogenic effect’ described as meal-induced heat production – the calories burned in the process of eating, digesting, absorbing and using food.

You can influence all these factors, and speed up your rate of burning calories using some, or all, of the following tactics:

1) Build Muscle

2) Move More

3) Eat Spicy Food

4) Aerobic Exercise

5) Eat Little and Often

                                                          Click here to read in detail.

Burning calories

Royal wedding: the dress, the kiss, the schedule - new details revealed

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Royal wedding pictures Kate and Williams wedding pictures

Alexander McQueen

Born in the East End and the son of a taxi driver, Alexander McQueen was the quintessential bad boy made good. He had brains and brawn, having survived over ten years as a solo designer and being brought into the Gucci Group stable, which bought a 51 per cent stake in his company 2002. In 2008, his company not only turned a profit but was also opening new stores from LA to Beirut. He was awarded the coveted Designer of the Year Award at the British Fashion Awards four times.

There was shock for the fashion world: Alexander McQueen died! The international fashion designer was found dead in his London home. Unconfirmed rumors were talking about a suicide.
The 40-year-old designer used to design outfits for Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Prince Charles.

Click Alexander McQueen to read his biography

Visit the website:

Pippa Middleton In Alexander McQueen – 2011 Royal Wedding

Catherine Middleton’s sister Philippa Middleton is the chief bridesmaid.

She also wore an Alexander McQueen dress which was designed and created by Sarah Burton.

The ivory satin-based crepe dress with a cowl front has the same button detail and lace trims as the Bride’s dress.

Pippa’s dress is similar in style to the red Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2009 dress Cameron Diaz wore to the 2010 Golden Globe Awards.

What Victoria Beckham wore to the Royal Wedding

Victoria and David Beckham arrived at Westminster Abbey for the Royal Wedding of Prince William to Catherine Middleton.

As expected Victoria wore a navy dress from her Fall 2011 collection.

Kate Middleton's wedding dress

The Wedding Dress

Miss Catherine Middleton’s Wedding Dress has been designed by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen.

Miss Middleton chose British brand Alexander McQueen for the beauty of its craftsmanship and its respect for traditional workmanship and the technical construction of clothing. Miss Middleton wished for her dress to combine tradition and modernity with the artistic vision that characterises Alexander McQueen’s work. Miss Middleton worked closely with Sarah Burton in formulating the design of her dress.

The dress epitomises timeless British craftsmanship by drawing together talented and skilled workmanship from across the United Kingdom. The dress design pays tribute to the Arts and Crafts tradition, which advocated truth to materials and traditional craftsmanship using simple forms and often Romantic styles of decoration. Ms Burton’s design draws on this heritage, additionally giving the cut and the intricate embellishment a distinctive, contemporary and feminine character.

Kate Middleton's wedding dress Kate Middleton's wedding dress designer

Who is Kate Middleton?

Early life Kate Middleton
Born at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, Berkshire, England, Middleton is the elder daughter of self-made millionaire Michael Middleton (born 1949), who was an airline officer at the time of her birth, and his wife, the former Carole Goldsmith, who was an air hostess. Her parents now own Party Pieces, a mail order company that sells children's party paraphernalia. She has a younger sister, Philippa ("Pippa") and a younger brother, James.

Middleton was raised in Bucklebury, Berkshire, in the south of England. She went to St Andrew's School, Pangbourne until she was 13 and then attended the public school Marlborough College (the same school William's cousin Princess Eugenie of York attends), where she passed eleven GCSEs and three A-level exams. Like the Prince, Middleton was a student at the University of St Andrews in Fife, Scotland. She graduated in 2005 with a 2:1 (Upper Second-Class) MA (Hons) degree in History of Art.

In early 2006, it was rumoured that Middleton intended to found her own mail order company, selling high-end children's clothes. After a key investor stepped down, however, she decided to hold off on this plan.[2] In November 2006, she accepted a position as an accessories buyer assistant with the British clothing chain Jigsaw.

Kate Middleton and Prince William
While attending the University of St Andrews in 2001, Middleton met Prince William of Wales. At the time, Middleton was already in her second year at St Andrews. Since around Christmas of 2003 she and Prince William have been involved in a relationship that has been subjected to intense media attention.

The couple were first seen publicly on a ski trip in Klosters in April 2004. During 2005, the British media began speculating that the Prince and Middleton would eventually become engaged. It is believed that she has met the Queen at Balmoral, but there has been no statement from the Queen or from Prince Charles regarding their views on the relationship or a possible marriage. However, Prince Charles has asked and warned the media to leave Middleton alone on numerous occasions.

Middleton's status as the girlfriend of Prince William has brought her widespread media coverage in the UK and abroad, and she is often photographed on her daily outings. On 17 October 2005, she complained through her lawyer about harassment from the media, stating that, she had done nothing to court publicity. In December 2005, the German magazine Das Nee published photos of the exterior of Middleton's London flat, revealing its location in London. This prompted a security review by police amidst concerns for her safety and a report in the London Evening Standard that Prince William was considering going to the European Court of Human Rights over concerns for Middleton's and his own privacy.

In February 2006, it was announced that Middleton would receive her own 24-hour security detail supplied by the Royalty and Diplomatic Protection Department. This fuelled further speculation that she and Prince William would soon be engaged, since she would not, otherwise, be entitled to this service. No engagement occurred, and Middleton was not granted an allowance to fund this security.

Middleton has been included in at least one activity attended by members of the royal family; Prince William's "passing out" ceremony at Sandhurst military academy. It was reported by the Daily Mail, a British tabloid newspaper, that she was invited by the Queen to Christmas lunch in 2006, that would have made her the first unmarried partner of a royal to be asked to the festive celebrations at the royal estate of Sandringham House near Sandringham, Norfolk. Middleton declined the offer, preferring to spend Christmas with her own family.

In 2007, the couple briefly split after struggling to find time as Prince William pursued his army career. However, they soon came back together.

Engagement of Kate Middleton and Prince William
On 16th November, 2010, Kate Middleton and Prince William announced their plans to marry in the new year
Announcing their engagement Prince William said: "The timing is right now, we are both very, very happy." Miss Middleton added that joining the Royal Family was a "daunting prospect" but said: "Hopefully I'll take it in my stride."

Kate Middleton biography who is Kate Middleton? Princess Kate life

Rihanna's red hairstyles 2011

                                         The first red hairdo we saw during her performance

rihanna red hair rihanna hairstyles rihanna hair 2011

Prince William and Kate Middleton wedding countdown is almost over

Tomorrow is the day and tonight is the last night of their singlehood as they spend it with family. Will you be watching the Royal Wedding?

Beyonce Helps Out First Lady! Hits Up School Lunch (VIDEO)

Beyonce Knowles and her green knee-high socks have teamed up with First Lady Michelle Obama to get the kids moving!

The pop star is featured in the video “Move Your Body” that sets out to get youngsters exercising. This is in support of Obama’s Let’s Move! campaign that is seeking to put an end to childhood obesity. Listen carefully, because the song in the video is a remix of Beyonce’s 2007 track “Get Me Bodied.”

This video is just a prequel of what we can expect from Beyonce this year!

Is it Ok for a Friend to Copy Your Style?

                 Khloe and Malika dressed alike on their night out, the same bodysuit and all black.

When i saw this picture i just had to post it. I remember when i was in primary school i had a close friend and we where both so obsessed with dressing and looking alike all the time. We would shop at the same store and do the same hairstyles. Wow, those were the days. With time it faded until later on in life when i found out that someone was dressing up close to my personal style. It went from the same color of clothes when going out, make-up, same cut and almost everything else.
That freaked me out to bits until she took pride when people told her that we looked alike.
those where the days, so that explains why i posted this, don't get me wrong, dressing alike could be fun, just don't go too far. 

xoxo and cheers to lookalikes!!!...

My Breo Watch

I got my Breo Roam Watch on the flight back, its $20 and comes in about 3 sizes and different colors, i chose black because it matches with almost everything.

This watch can be both an ultimate accessory and a necessity for people who live the fast-paced life. The Breo Sports Roam watch is an epitome of superb design and quality. Felicitated with the Good Design Award in 2008, this sports watch boasts of a LCD screen and a bracelet like strap which feels as soft as natural rubber.

Breo Roam Watch is an extremely lightweight watch not only helps you to see time and doubles up as a nice wrist gear; the watch has several other advantages which an individual might not even have comprehended. Already quoted as the Fastest Selling watch of 2009, the sleek watch is made up entirely of a material known as Tourmaline.

The health benefits of naturally occurring Tourmaline are plenty. The material is also considered to be a semi-precious gemstone simply because of the numerous health benefits it offers.
Breo Roam Watch made up of Tourmaline helps in :
- increasing concentration
- natural detoxification of the body
- regulate mood fluctuations
- improved sleep, relaxation and meditation.

The Breo Roam Watch is also quite well known for its utility purpose and as an ideal low cost accessory. The varied clientele for Breo Roam Watch is also an indicator of its user appeal and vitality. Right from sports enthusiasts, regular college going youngsters to uber chic glamorous shoppers, everybody seems to be wearing a Breo Roam Watch.

The watch is available in six different shades, is water resistant up to 10m and also has a user replaceable battery.

To purchase click Here

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His and Her's look of the week.

Kenya Moore

Lance Gross

How to Tell if a Designer Bag Is Fake


1. Understand the difference between an illegal fake bag, a legal knock-off, and a genuine designer bag.

2. Be store wise.

3. Be realistic about the price.

4. Ask the vendor if the bag is real, a copy, or a fake

5. Know the signs of a fake or knockoff bag.

6. Don't confuse a designer bag with making a purchase of value.


- Remember to look at the tags. The tags are a dead giveaway of a knock-off. If the tags don't look hand-stitched, stamped, or even not there, it's not real.

- Remember if the leather isn't heavy like leather should be it's not real or poorly made meaning it's not real.

- If you can avoid it, don't buy your "designer" bags off the street.

- The Juicy symbol is currently "Love G&P". Knockoffs may have "Love P&G", however it could also just mean the bag is a bit older, as Juicy products manufactured prior to 2006 had "Love P&G".

- Spell check tags on the purse. If there's a typographical error on any tag on the outside or the inside of the purse, it's a fake, for sure.

- Most design houses like Louis Vuitton who make bags with their signature logo or monogram have ways to tell if the bag is fake or real. Louis Vuitton's signature "LV" bags are the hardest to detect a fake.

Click here to read in detail

Buying a fake designer bag could Carry a $1,000 Fine or Jail term.

You might want to reconsider purchasing a counterfeit bag should you ever visit New York!
City Councilwoman Margaret Chin proposed a new bill that would impose penalties of up to a year in jail or a $1000 fine for buying knockoffs.

She said, “I urge visitors that come to New York to come for the authenticity, not to buy these fake bags or electronics…We have local designers that create unique items at affordable prices, and they’re available. So don’t just come here for the knockoffs.”

Apparently if the bill passes, New York will be the first U.S. city to criminalize their purchase.

To read more click here

So if you plan on travelling to NYC anytime soon, leave your counterfeit bags at home.

fake designer bags

Back from my long Easter weekend

Hope you all enjoyed your Easter as much as i did my pearls. My 5 day's in Dubai were great even though we spend Christmas and New Years Eve there about three months ago. So we flew with Kenya Airways so we could use up our flying blue miles. Boy or boy, what a big mistake. That will be coming soon, so keep checking to read more on my KQ experience, we're so sticking to Emirates for our trips to UAE.

All in all, i shopped a little... ate a lot.... and had a blast.

Now im back and updates coming soon


John Fluevog:Blue Oxford Flats

im so loving this look, its worth a try if i can find the right pair

All Kim!!!....

                                                                      Sporty Kim K

meets chic Kim K

His look of the week

Paris and Khloe in the same dress.


Paris Hilton wears it classy and Khloe wore it sexy...

Paris Hilton
Khloe Kadarshian

Maternity wear 2010-2011

Get Victoria Beckhams pregnancy look

Pearls look of the week

Selena Gomez in Christian Cota at Kids Choice awards 2011

Libya: France and Italy to send officers to aid rebels

France and Italy have said they are to send small teams of military officers to advise Libyan rebels who are seeking to topple Col Muammar Gaddafi.

French officials said fewer than 10 would be sent, while Italy's defence minister announced that 10 would go.

The UK said on Tuesday it was sending a similar team to the city of Benghazi.

Meanwhile, the UN has said the reported use of cluster munitions by Col Gaddafi's forces in the city of Misrata "could amount to international crimes".

"Reportedly one cluster bomb exploded just a few hundred metres from Misrata hospital, and other reports suggest at least two medical clinics have been hit by mortars or sniper fire," UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay said in a statement.

Ms Pillay said the deliberate targeting of medical facilities was a war crime, and the deliberate targeting or reckless endangerment of civilians might also amount to serious violations of international humanitarian law.

"I urge the Libyan authorities to face the reality that they are digging themselves and the Libyan population deeper and deeper into the quagmire. They must halt the siege of Misrata," Ms Pillay added.

Later, two Western journalists were killed and two were injured, one of them seriously, in a mortar attack in Misrata. It took place around Tripoli Street, which forms part of the frontline.

Tim Hetherington died in a mortar attack in Misrata One of the dead has been named as Tim Hetherington, 41, a photojournalist and Oscar-nominated filmmaker who had dual British and American nationality.

The city's hospital said six people had been killed and 60 injured so far on Wednesday. Many of them had been shot by snipers.

One doctor told the BBC's Orla Guerin that he and his colleagues were exhausted by death and by blood, and asked where the international community was.

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Gisele Bunchen designs her own sandals

                                                          IPanema sandals by Gisele

Gisele Bunchen

Bun updo anyone?

I had to just try it, and i loved it....

                                                              Christina Milian with hers

                                                              J-Lo also bunned up

                                                                    and Kim K too
bun hairstyles

The Blackberry tablet (Playbook)

I would love to see someone with it, im iPad scared for life and all my blackberry fones haven't lasted for you long.
If its as good enough, i might purchase it in 2015
if ever a Blackberry tablet 2 comes out.

click here for more about this new gadget.

What they wear to a Basket ball game

Angela Simmons, Lala Vazquez and Kim K

                           Ciara: DRESSED FOR THE OCCASION

                                                     Kelly Rowland and Lala