Merry Christmas Pearls!...

Hey pearls!
I am wishing you all my faithful readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 
It has truly been a great year as i have grown personally and i am now more aware of what is important in life.

You meet so many people in life, and make new friends, both temporary and permanent. I am glad i learnt my lessons in 2011, and i don't ever want to be taken for granted again due to the good i have done for some people. The best thing about life is that what goes around, surely comes around and the last time i had girl drama was in high school, sigh! .

Girls talk man, it ain't no joke, and they all smiles when they see you, hahaha... good thing i focus on the most important things in my life and that is my husband, mom and sisters.

That is why this festive season is all about family to me, 2012 will be my year of success and big dreams. Until then i will eat, pray and love abundantly.

Been fun blogging this year and i will try to post whatever i can in these few remaining days.

Much Love Pearls!....

Picture of the month

As the message says, Use personal protective equipment". ever wondered what that meant? i'd assume it means cover up to avoid.......... or something.

Oh dear, sexism!.

weekend look: Mariah Carey

Sass & Bide Spring 2012

                                                My three personal favorites from the collection.

Love the neon creativity on the shirt.

Love love love it ALL and the shoes

Pika boo

Preggers in animal print leggings: Beyonce

10 Tips For Maintaining A Weave

A hair weave requires careful maintenance otherwise; you may spoil it much before its time. You need to be careful right from combing to washing it. Some of the ten common tips you should keep in mind while dealing with weaved hair are as follows:
1. Most often you start to comb from base to the end but to comb weaved hair you should start from the end and then gradually move upwards to the base.

2. Brush before you wash or shampoo your hair and rinse between the tracks to remove the residues.

3. You have to abstain from washing the hair for two weeks to set the weave. Always use mild water while washing the hair, as too hot or too cold water may lock the hair at the base.

4. Avoid using harsh products be it for washing, styling or conditioning.

5. Use of alcohol based product mars sheen of the hair and you should not use them.

6. Ensure professional weaver care and make sure you do not skip regular tightening touch-ups.

7. Use of cotton pillowcases and sheets may adversely affect the shine of your hair so better use a silk or satin scarf to wrap up your hair.

8. During blow-drying, you have to apply higher temperature to straighten and dry the hair. Use variable temperatures for the natural and commercial hairs.

9. If you are on a seaside and wish to swim, either use a swim cap or saturate and rinse the hair by applying a cream rinse before plunging in.

10. While you may undermine the intricacies involved in undoing of the weave, it is better to go for a professional?s hand.
Sometimes, it may happen that you get too busy managing the weave and unconsciously neglect the scalp. An unhealthy scalp may lead to skin irritation and might culminate in various other diseases. Occasionally, an adhesive may not suit your skin so it is good to undergo a test if you are using it for the first time. Dirt, sweat, styling products and natural oils are some of the ingredients that interfere with clean hair condition. You should regularly shampoo and condition the hair to keep it clean. Excessive use of styling products have shown to shorten the longevity of hair extensions as well. Thus, proper care is needed to keep at bay the different types of hair problems associated with hair extensions.

Amber Rose graces her head....

She is famously known for her blonde short hair by the camera's but she seems to be ending the year in a straight brunnete wig.
i love her trademark hair more though, i hope its a temporary experiment.

My time to stretch exams are finally over

I am totally loving the stockings, like totally ummhhhh a christmas gift to myself someday. I had a period of madness as i was prepping up for exams with my usual excuse, " too much to read with little time".
And today im glad its over, no more exams for me from University however my project paper will give me much more stress. Fall semester was a great semester for me as a friendship grew, i made more friends with lesser enemies. yeeiiiiii for me.
I had a roommate who i will never forget and those memories will forever be with me. Im sitting at the airport now and i can't believe how fast time has flown, though its good anyways i am looking forward to ending 2011 and im looking forward to a blessed 2012 filled with success and positive energy.

Over and out Pearls until..... tomorrow maybe.


Looking forward to fridays dinner

Black grecian shift dress

Black diamante detailed heels

the little black dress black diamante heels

Look of the week: Leighton Meester

I'm loving it all, the shoes are a PLUS!!!!!

Have a great weekend PEARLS...

If you love LV as much as i do, then im sure you will not object the beautiful art work on his fine neck. ;)

2011 British Fashion Awards winner : VB

Congrats to Victoria Beckham for taking home the Designer Brand of the year.

How could she not accept her award without rocking her own designer dress?
I love VB's fashion sense.

A designer who rocks her own designs: Victoria Beckham

One of the very few designers who loves to wear what she creates, she gives everyone a reason to wear clothing line.

She creates what she likes, and likes what she creates.

A trendy mom and wife who balances all and is pearls inspiration of the month.